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BRICKHOUSE TRAINING ACADEMY (BTA) is a unique private training provider based in Oval, London, established to deliver solid, complete and compulsory compliance premier training.

We provide training courses at training centres/venues throughout the United Kingdom. The courses we provide are not just tailored for the workplace, but are also open to all and sundries.

As our motto is “Solid foundation, Sound Tuition”, we aspire to help learners obtain the highest standard of qualifications. We also endeavour to provide students with knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable them to operate professionally, confidently, effectively and independently at work and in life. We go the extra mile for our clients/learners – supporting and guiding them.

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Our trainers, who are very professionally trade-specific, have the required qualifications to deliver their courses. They do not just deliver their courses; they also support learners directly or indirectly, in all aspect of their learning journey and provide real life examples based on their experiences.

So, whatever your needs, be it: keeping up with the legislation, as part of your “Continuous Professional Development” (CPD) or a career change, you can be rest assured that you have come to the right provider…