Some FAQ that might help you:

Question: Can I book a place in the course online or by telephone?
Answer: Yes, you can book the course online or by calling us on 020 8769 9005.

Question: How often are courses run?
Answer: Depending on being able to constitute a class at specified venue, our courses run weekly at various venues. For dates and venues please check the bookings page or call our office on 020 8769 9005

Question: How do I make payment? Can I pay by debit or credit card, pay pal or cash?
Answer: Yes, you can pay the full amount or deposit (£50.00 minimum) using your credit or debit card or by pay pal account on the internet, or over the phone. Outstanding balance can also be paid by cash at the training venue before the commencement of your class on the first day.

Question: When will I receive my result and Certificate?
Answer: Depending on the course undertaken, results and certificate are available after 6 working days.

Question: Can I work as a Security Guard, if I do Door supervisor training course?
Answer: Yes, you can work as a security guard if you hold a Door Supervisor licence.

Question: What should I do if my certificate is lost?
Answer: You can request for a replacement certificate. Cost for the replacement certificate is £25.00

Question: How do I apply for SIA licence?
Answer: We give application form and free guidance and consultancy. You can get benefit from this by doing training with us – this is only privileged to our candidates; not to the public.

Question: How much does the SIA License cost?
Answer: If this is your first license, then the fee is set at £220. However, if you already have an SIA license with at least 4 months remaining on your current badge, your subsequent licenses will cost £110.00. With the only exemption being Vehicle Immobilisation license which is exempt from this discount.

Question: Why should one do the PTLLS course?
Answer: PTLLS is aimed at those who have experience in specific industry and who want to change career by entering the teaching profession in the lifelong learning sector.

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